Real Space Mod is a global modification for the game Stellaris, the main purpose of which is the diversity and empowerment of the gameplay. This project does not aim to completely rework the gameplay, but only to complement it and harmoniously diversify the existing game mechanics. RSM consists of several modules.

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8 December 2018 No comments

Real Space mod updated to version 3.2 for patch 2.2.1.

Added 2 new space objects: microquasars and fuors.

Added a new system of planetary rings.

85% of all gas giants and brown dwarf textures are completely redrawn.

Added many other minor visual improvements including on the galactic map.

I have ...

2 December 2018 No comments

Today I will talk about what exactly will be in the update of Real Space 3.2 for patch 2.2. Initially, I did not plan on doing a big update and I wanted to focus on the addition. But as it happens, the content turned out to be quite a lot, although for the most part these are all visual improveme...