Content in update Real Space 3.2

Today I will talk about what exactly will be in the update of Real Space 3.2 for patch 2.2. Initially, I did not plan on doing a big update and I wanted to focus on the addition. But as it happens, the content turned out to be quite a lot, although for the most part these are all visual improvements.
From the new objects there will appear microquasars and fuors, which I have already shown earlier. I do not plan on adding more star objects, and I don’t see any sense in it at all.
Now RS has its own system of planetary rings. Something similar has already been done before me, for example, in Guilli’s Planet Modifiers. I have significantly varied options using my shaders and textures.
In New Frontiers, Hot Jupiters and Puffy planets will become subclasses and get their own set of textures, so I decided to rework the existing textures of gas giants into RS. Now 80% of gas giants will have new, more realistic textures.
I also did a lot of other fixes, big and not so much: the textures of the brown dwarfs, the icons on the galactic map and various bug fixes were changed.
Setting the neighboring inhabited worlds, which I promised, is no longer needed. Although I had already done it, the developers said that such an opportunity will officially appear in 2.2.
I plan to update Real Space within 24 hours after the release of patch 2.2, since the main changes are ready and it will take time only to adapt the files for the new version. The new addition of New Frontiers with subclasses of planets will have to wait, maybe you will have to wait a few days, I don’t think it will take more than a week.


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