Real Space: New Frontiers

Although the upcoming update of Le Guin will hardly touch (according to the information currently available) the basic version of the mod, the Stellar Expedition and Astrogeology addons go to hell because of the global processing of the economy and the planets. So I got the idea to refuse to update these modules after patch 2.2, and on their basis to make a large addon that will focus on a variety of planets, modifiers and new mechanics of planetary features.

At the moment, the addon New Frontier is at the development stage and the information presented here may change to some extent.

The main feature of New Frontiers are subclasses of planets. A subclass is a new type of planet with its own unique features. Each subclass belongs to a certain standard planetary class, but has its own unique portrait and appearance of the planet. From the point of view of game mechanics, a planetary subclass is a common modifier. But the appearance of such a modifier on the planet is decisive. That is, together with a change in the appearance of the planet, its features and properties will change, and also the subclass will influence the appearance of other modifiers not subclasses. There can be only one subclass modifier on the planet that will highlight the individual color of the icon frame.

The subclasses of the inhabited worlds are divided into three types: paradise, normal and extremal. It is not difficult to guess that this is a conditional definition of the habitability of the planet. Most of the new subclasses will be considered extremal. Conditions on these planets will be very difficult, but at the same time, they can be rich in resources.

Stage I

Stage II


Now New Frontiers is in the Steam workshop and is in the testing phase.

Steam Page

Fundraising for Stage III has already begun! If you like this mod and you want to get even more content, then you can take part right now!

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