First Phase

Release addon New Frontiers scheduled after the patch 2.2 Le Guin. This is a very large and global modification that will require a lot of time and effort from me. I will call the entire volume of changes I have planned so far at the First Phase, which in turn will be divided into 3 stages. The First Phase I implement completely on my own, the other two I need your help.

The development of each stage will take me about a month, since I have planned really a lot of content that will diversify the game. As you understand, I can’t just do a great job and not get any financial support for it. My conscience will not allow me to waste so much time, because I am a family man, although of course this job will bring me pleasure.

Stage I


Some of the content is compiling old Stellar Expedition and Astrogeology mods. The main content is represented by a new system of subclasses of planets, modifiers and planetary features.

Short list of content:

  • 13 habitable subclasses;
  • 10 uninhabited subclasses;
  • many new planetary features, including individual ones for each subclass;
  • new modifiers and recycling old ones.

Stage II


This phase focuses on adding a large number of new subclasses of planets. For all the time working on this mod, I got a lot of different ideas. At this stage, I planned to implement all the most interesting proposals.

I plan to add at least 20 new subclasses. Basically it will be inhabited worlds. Finally, there will be a paradise type of subclass and subclasses for rare classes of planets, such as Gaia and Thomb World.

Stage III


At this stage I will not add new subclasses, in place of this I will focus on improving them. This stage will be no less ambitious than the previous one, but rather more. Each world will be special, with unique deposits, planetary decisions and events. All this will create an interesting gameplay for each subclass.,

In addition, on some subclasses, when selecting certain civics, you can start the game.

Most new subclasses will receive events that will occur only after the colonization of these worlds.

Status Stage I: Beta Test

The mod is ready and is already in the Steam workshop. For some time, errors will be corrected. as well as, perhaps, there will be some new features.

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Status Stage II: Development

505$ of 500$ raised

RSNF First Phase – Stage II

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal. The Stage I is already in development!

Status Stage III: Fundraising

295$ of 1,000$ raised


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